As a great man once said' "Once you are finished changing, you're finished", we all love a change once in a while, be it a change in style or a change in habit. Here at Four Leaf, we can be your one stop interior design service to have a total change in your living and working design! Having a dull looking office or poor interior design for your startup company can sometimes be really depressing, but fear not as we provide a full packaged service ranging from style setting and lighting options to a total revamp to achieve your desired outcome. With 18 years of experience in providing Interior design services to clients from all over Malaysia and Tokyo, we will always carry out our task in steps that are clear and simple. Everything starts from your inspiration and your goals! Your goal might be a change in your office so that you can feel better or it can a total change in your company's interior color to bring up the energy levels of your workers, whatever it may be, we will start with that as our main goal. We will take into account for your current floor plan, interior design and even things like lighting and color, this way, we can discover your taste in style and help you realized and achieve your desired outcome. The next thing we will do is to design your space WITH YOU! Yes! Collaborating with our clients have always been a goal of us here at Four Leaf as we deeply pride our self in our excellent customer service. From the first meet up, we will be prepared to provide an array of suggestions and recommendation based on our expertise to you and also add in your very own style preference to get the best idea to make the most use of your space. We will also explain thoroughly on all the needed materials and help you set up a budget that is affordable to you. We understand that You, our future client, comes first. Therefore, we will try to make the whole process enjoyable and pleasing for you. After you are 100% pleased by the design and set up, we will then proceed to MAKING IT HAPPEN and this is where our service shine! We have a whole team of professionals that are both experienced and reliable to carry out your project and make your dream a reality. From the planning phase to carrying out the project, we hope to give you an amazing experience from a journey of old to new! Here at Four Leaf, Quality and Affordability might just go hand in hand as we believe to provide our clients with services that are both affordable to your personal budget and at the same time, unbeatable in Malaysia! So what are you waiting for? Contact us now for a new change in life!