Are you sometimes tired of the place you live in? Do you sometime have the urge to just get out of the same old house and move somewhere else? Well, there is two great news for you today! One, you don't need to change nor sell your same old house! And second, you don't need a fortune to live in the house with a set up and design that blows you away! Here at Four Leaf, no matter what type of update you want, be it redesigning the one small room that your child sleeps in or having a total face lift for the whole house, we can make it happen! With 18 years of experience in this business, our talented design staff are both knowledgeable and very experienced. Through the years of providing interior design service to countless different types of clients with different needs and wants, we are proud to state that we are very flexible and approachable in our type of services. From recommending different furniture all the way to using lighting, color and angle, we at Four Leaf believe that we can make a difference in the quality of your stay at your own house! No matter is it a small apartment to a posh bungalow at the countryside, we have the ability to pamper your house and give it the transformation it deserves! At Four Leaf, we stand strong in the value of putting the customers first. This whole transformation is about you! Our staff are trained to evaluate, plan, and carry out the whole project with your needs as the foundation! Before any plan is carried out, our staff will first consider and observe your living patterns to understand your needs, they are also trained to put the design and style taste of the customers first! At four Leaf, we believe in using existing furniture, so we will surely make your most cherished furniture part of the grand new design! Many people have a very distinct and strong taste to their style and are able to find a trusted party to help carry that out. We at Four Leaf will be glad to be that person that can make your dream house a reality! Our customers services are second to none in Malaysia, be it a small doubt or a having second thoughts about the project, the customer services will be there to listen and understand your complaints. Providing amazing design services at an affordable price to as many people as we can is also something we strive to achieve. With an experienced crew and a wide field of connections, we are able to provide you with a design and set up with price that are hard to beat and definitely eye catching, and the best part of it all? The quality of our services will surely be top notch and professional! All in all, our goal is to help YOU love your home! By creating great chemistry between your personal taste and your home design, we hope to help you truly enjoy your stay at your beloved home!