Sekisui Migusa (Tatami Mat)


Given its unique appearance, Tatami mats are uniquely traditional and modern and they can be used as floor covering and even wall covering. On a whole, the word "Tatami" is basically describe as a type of mat that is used in traditional Japanese rooms as the flooring material. Why use Tatami mats? Overall, Japan commonly experiences humid summers, and the unique design of the Tatami mats has the ability to construct an airy, comfortable and traditional environment that is shown to be extremely suited to the climate. Given that Malaysia also experience similar weather all year around, having your living space incorporated with the use of Tatami mat is surely a great idea for both your sense of wellness and comfort. Besides comfort and wellness, having Tatami mats will highlight the traditional Japanese culture and their lifestyle, which is doing things like sleeping and other activities on the floor. It is a known fact that no matter the age of a tatami mat, it will radiate a nice and pleasing scent. On a whole, the older and yellowed tatami mats usually has a rather musky scent of dry hay, while the newer tatami mats has a fresher scent and is filled with woodsy fragrance of woven green rush that makes up the covering. Another great advantage of using the tatami mat is its health benefits. Based on Chinese medicine, the Tatami mat can calm the human spirit thanks to its soft rushes that makes up the tatami covering. The scent on the other hand, can help to soothe the soul and give users a relaxing feeling. Given its ability to provide a relaxing ambience and peaceful feeling, it is a premium choice for you and your family! Here at Four Leaf Partners, we know our product will be able to satisfy your needs! With our superb customer services, your every need based on your floor plan and additional requests will be meet with care and consideration. Here at Four Leaf, Quality and Affordability goes hand in hand, you will surely have your money's worth recovered. What are you waiting for? Contact us now to change your home from mild to WOW!

About Sekisui Migusa
The Traditional Japanese lifestyle at floor level still has tremendous appeal in the modern world. Tatami mats provide a living, breathing floor surface that rewards the user with a sense of comfort, convenience and safety. Being the only official supplier of Sekisui in Malaysia, we take pride in supplying tatami mats that are steeped in tradition yet at the same time designed to blend into the modern housing environment, augmenting the inherent qualities of the traditional tatami mat with new concepts in comfort and aesthetics.

What's Migusa ?
Migusa is a new type of tatami developed by Sekisui that delivers modern-day functional and value added performance while retaining the authentic texture and feel of all-natural mat rush.



Functional, unique, exquisite and spacious, rich in natural tatami color.

Zen Collection

The main feature of the Zen style is "simplification", it presents a tranquil, harmonious atmosphere that leads people into a sense of calm.

Earth Color

Earth Color Collection emphasizes harmony between modern interior and tatami in the living space.


Play, nurturing , growing up. The best companion for a child is the time spend together to create everlasting memories .


The most common weave pattern. It is widely used from home to inns and facilities.


A woven pattern with an Azekura diagonal line will bring a fine accent to the space.

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